Why Use A REALTOR® to Build A Home

Dated: 01/03/2019

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There are so many great reasons to use a Realtor when buying a spec home or when building a new home from the ground up. Here's why using The Tomlin Team for a new build is in your best interest!


A great Realtor knows the local real estate market and the reputation of various builders.

He discerns what questions to ask and when to ask them because he has an extensive

knowledge of the building process in general. Having this expertise and experience will

ensure a much smoother process for your new home build and purchase.


When you purchase a spec home or build a new home, the new home salesman doesn’t

work for you. He works for the Builder and has the Builder’s best interests in mind. Why

would anyone want to enter into an extremely detailed and very long process without

representation? The Builder has someone looking out for him. You should too.

A Realtor has a fiduciary responsibility – both contractually and ethically – to keep YOUR

best interests in mind. He will help you navigate the builder’s contract so that you

understand how specific clauses, riders, and upgrade options affect you before you sign

on the dotted line.


Finding the right floor plan and choosing your upgrades is the fun part! Once you’re

ready to sign the contract, a Realtor works on your behalf to negotiate the terms from

upgrade options to financing and closing costs. In addition, he can present other options

for financing or work with the builder’s lender directly to help you find the best rate for

your mortgage.


Signing a contract with a builder is just the beginning. You must also secure financing if

not paying cash, attend numerous inspections throughout the construction process,

make important decisions often at a moment’s notice, and interact with affiliates such as

sub-contractors, code inspectors, third party inspectors, and the title company. A great

Realtor will hold your hand throughout the entire process ensuring that it is as stress-free

as possible.


A Real Estate team provides an entirely different approach to Real Estate. From the

get-go, we understand the value of working together which often extends BEYOND

our own team. The Tomlin Team, for example, has connections with vendors

throughout the DFW area, and we can connect you with the contractors you need along the way!

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